What kind of Skincare Routine should Teenagers follow?

As a teenager, you already have a lot on your mind. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your skincare routine will give you spots or make your acne worse. Luckily, curating the right skincare routine isn’t as time-consuming as you might have thought. Just take a read to see what we mean.

All those years of following a poor skincare routine is lost time that you can’t get back. How you treat your skin today will impact how it looks many, many years down the line. So let’s fill you in on a great teenage skincare routine that’s quick and easy to follow:

The Right Skincare Routine for Teenagers

Your early-mid teen years in particular can be fraught with a lot of trial and error in terms of skincare. Well, not as long as you follow this routine:


  • Cleanse and renew with a cleanser
  • Clear and rebalance with a serum
  • Reduce and soothe with a spot Cream (for those stubborn spots)
  • Protect and moisturise with an SPF Moisturiser


  • Cleanse and renew with a cleanser
  • Exfoliate and renew with a Chemical Peel (1-3 times a week)
  • Clear and rebalance with a serum (swap out for a sheet mask 1-3 times a week)
  • Reduce and soothe with a spot Cream (for those stubborn spots)
  • Rejuvenate and repair with a Night Cream

It might sound like a lot, but it’s not. Once you make it a routine, you will start to see the results and it won’t feel like a chore!

Now, let’s break down each step to see the benefits:

Facial cleanser for morning and night

If you’re not already using a morning and night facial cleanser then you should start doing it today because it’s absolutely essential. Consistency is key if you want optimal results so make sure you stick with it every day.

Cleansing is an important step which unclogs pores, targets spots causing bacteria and helps control excessive oil production. If you don’t cleanse, you will likely get more breakouts and have skin that appears to be shiny if you have oily skin.

When it comes to choosing the right cleanser, buy products which contain at least 2% salicylic acid or succinic acid which provides a deeper exfoliation in order to target those clogged pores and spots.

Look for products that claim to target spot-causing bacteria to give you an extra layer of protection against spots. Always choose a facial cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type. Not sure what your skin type is? Download our ‘’Bare Addiction’’ app from your app store to get a free skin type test!

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Finally, you’d want to choose a gentle foaming cleanser, so it gets right into those pores to unclog them. Just make sure it’s suitable for sensitive skin because we don’t want to irritate those spots. Don’t be alarmed if you initially see reddened patches of skin or more breakouts as this is a normal after-effect of using a new cleanser.

Once you cleanse more regularly, and as all the impurities get drawn out of the skin, you will no longer see reddened patches or frequent breakouts. However, if your skin continues to get irritated, you should stop using a cleanser immediately.


What is a serum? Good question – think of it as an intense boost for your skin. They are normally lightweight and are absorbed quickly into the skin, being able to lock in moisture at a deeper level than traditional moisturisers. Most brands create serums with a high level of active ingredients so they can provide a targeted result for your skin.

For example, our Anti-Blemish Boost Serum targets spot causing bacteria while providing hydration to the skin, it also helps reduce the appearance of spots and reddened skin, and helps rebuild the skin’s natural barrier.

Using a serum straight after cleansing means the skin will absorb it quicker and you will get the best possible results. You may be wondering whether you need to add anything else?

Well, since it is lightweight, you want to follow it up with a thicker moisturiser that will last longer, and will sit on the top layer of the skin to provide it with more protection. You should always opt for one that has an SPF factor, preferably SPF30+. This step shouldn’t replace a moisturiser.

Post-cleansing moisturizer

In life, there are certain combinations where one simply cannot be enjoyed without the other: milk and cookies, fish and chips– you get the idea!

The same can be said for moisturiser and facial cleanser, because every time you use your facial cleanser, you should follow it up with an application of a lightweight, and non-comedogenic moisturiser. If your skin tends to be shiny, opt for a moisturizer that is anti-shine or mattifying. And while your skin is still damp from the application, apply a lotion made specifically for your skin type to better lock in that hydrating moisture. If you have a serum in your routine, make sure you apply this before a day or night moisturiser.

For a day moisturiser, look for one which doesn’t clog pores, so it needs to be non-comedogenic, and should be at least SPF-30. For a night moisturiser, go with a hydrating oil-based one – but don’t worry, it won’t make your skin oily.

Weekly exfoliation

You’re young and living it up – that’s great! But this doesn’t mean your skin isn’t aching for regular exfoliation.

If you want to keep that skin looking young, bright and refreshing, and keep it breakout-free, then you need to get rid of the build-up of dead skin, dirt, oil and debris.

All it takes is a gentle chemical peeling session 1-2 times a week. However, if your skin adapts quickly, then you can safely increase it to 3 times a week. Some teens tend to choose a scrub with physical exfoliants, but this is an all-around bad idea – scrubs are often responsible for micro-cuts on the skin which can lead to infections at some point and generally irritate the skin. It’s completely unnecessary, chemical exfoliants can be just as effective and tend to irate the skin less.

Rehydration and sheet masks

In your quest to have great skin, continuous rehydration and rebuilding the skin’s barrier is the name of the game. Sheet masks in particular are very useful in this regard. Sheet masks can be a part of guys’ and girls’ skincare routine, and should be seen as an additional way to hydrate the skin and apply targeted serums.

Sheet masks’ close-fitting fabric gently allows the skin to warm up, while keeping the serum in contact with the skin, so that it can be absorbed more effectively. We suggest using a sheet mask 2-3 times a week; however, you shouldn’t overuse them because most Korean beauty regimes suggest daily use! It is just down to the time you are willing to invest into your skincare. With that said, 10-15 minutes should give the mask enough time to let the serum soak into the skin.

Look for multifunctional masks so you get more for your time investment! This includes masks that purify and brighten the skin, cleanse deep into pores, revitalise your complexion, and get rid of blackheads as well as traces of everyday dirt, oil and impurities.

Sun protection

You’re never too young for sunscreen. Right after moisturising, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF-30 or higher rating. Reapply it right after swimming or a good sweat-session at the gym. Also, avoid stepping out between 10am and 2pm, stay in the shade whenever possible and generally limit your time in the sun. Even if you use an SPF moisturiser in the morning, it is important to reapply every 2-3 hours.

As much as you love bathing in the sun and going for that tanned look, sun rays can be very damaging to the skin, making you look older than you really are – wrinkles, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation later in life. Not only that, but it can cause your acne to flare up every time those rays hit your spots. So always use an SPF30+ day moisturiser, as well as an SPF sunscreen whenever you step out. You’ve got a lot to lose – so help yourself now and in the future.

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On a final note, always avoid heavily fragranced skincare products as they can be quite irritable and harmful for your skin – especially if you have sensitive skin!

That covers it! Try the above and see how your skin stays young, radiant and beautiful throughout the years.

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