Clean Beauty Is Not Enough

Why science-led AND natural skincare is better than ‘clean’

The beauty industry is experiencing a change like never before. Following a rush of ‘clean’ products harnessing buzz words, such as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘vegan’, ‘organic’ and ‘natural’, the savviest of beauty consumers are left wondering – do these products actually work?

Creating beauty and skincare ranges focused on only natural ingredients does not mean that they’re the best for your skin. Particularly younger skin that requires a little extra TLC.

Bare Addiction is changing the game when it comes to the coupling of natural ingredients and science-led creation. We design products that use gentle and carefully curated formulas, using all-natural ingredients where possible, boosted by the active ingredients that young skin craves.

Key Teen Skin Complaints

When we take a look at the key skin complaints that our customers experience, we know they need more than all-natural products. They need active and safe products that work.

Let’s quickly look at some key skincare issues in younger skin.

  • Hormones

When your body is changing, so is your skin. Right now, your skincare needs to help with the natural changes of your skin so you don’t have to worry about breakouts.

  • Clogged pores

Pores can easily get blocked because of anything from excess sweat to using the wrong products. This is a huge cause of acne and breakouts for younger skin.

  • Excess oil

Oily skin is a key concern for most teens and people in their early 20s. This natural occurrence needs targeted products that gently combat your extra shine.

  • Irritating ingredients

Keep trying skincare products that just irritate and annoy your skin, making it worse than before? Younger skin is more sensitive because it’s going through change. Your skin needs products that work – but gently.

  • Inconsistent routines

As with everything when you’re a teen, routines are unpredictable. If you’re relying on a complex skincare routine but you’re struggling to be consistent, it’s not going to work.

From clogged pores to oil, combatting young skin issues requires using active ingredients that have been designed methodically using science.

So, WHY Are ‘Clean’ Products Not Enough?

Clean skincare (or skincare with only natural ingredients) is often used to persuade shoppers to eliminate ‘toxic’ or ‘nasty’ chemicals from their daily routines. But the truth is, science-led formulas include the ingredients that actually work on skin issues like acne and excess oil. These ingredients have been carefully and thoroughly tested to make sure they work. They might not be completely naturally-derived, but they’re not harmful either.

They’ve been created through science to be safe and effective. Tried and tested.

So, the evolution of clean skincare is sustainably and ethically-sourced clean, safe and effective skincare. That works.

How Does Bare Addiction Design for Younger Skin?

We know your skin needs more than just recipes of natural-only ingredients. We also know you need gentle products that are tough on spots but not on your skin.

And that’s exactly how Bare Addiction designs skincare.

Focusing on getting the best possible results while being environmentally sustainable, we curate the best natural ingredients and add in specific active ingredients that work the way you want them to.

We want you to live confidently and show your true self. Bare skin and all.


  • Gentle, yet effective ingredients

We hate harsh chemicals. But we love active ingredients that show visible results as quickly as possible for long-term healthy skin. These are the active ingredients that we carefully add to each of our products alongside the best quality natural elements to ensure you get the best results.

  • Simplified skincare

Recently, skincare has become tricky. It’s difficult to know what will work and when to use products to get the best results. We’re simplifying this. You know what is in every one of our products and why. Because we only use active ingredients with a specific purpose.

  • We’re focused on what teens want

And need. Our products are designed for younger skin. This means we’re not packing them with overly expensive or harsh ingredients that you don’t need. We’re focused on your specific skin issues and helping you to solve them gently, safely and quickly.

  • Helping to teach about skincare

Knowing your skin gets you halfway to the best results. Helping to advise about skincare, we’re aiming to allow you to get to know what will work for you to save you time and expense on unnecessary products.

  • Create consistent routines

Our products are simple and easy to use. This allows you to create consistent but easy routines which make your healthy skin journey that much better.

Discover the Bare Addiction range for the new generation of clean skincare, created with science-led, active ingredients for young skin. The best of science and nature, working together for maximum results.

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