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Customer Reviews

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Great Starter Kit

The starter kit was how i first tried the products. Its a great way to see if it suits your skin. I have problematic skin that at certain times of the month can get worse. I loved all the products, they all worked with each other. The first thing i noticed was my skin looked less red. Then i noticed some of my spots were less sore, then they started to look less angry and clear up. I love the smell and the feel of the products and how its helped my skin.

Honest review

First off the packaging’s is really nice and well presented, the instructions are clear and helpful !
My skin has gotten slightly better but my skin is pretty bad so I don’t think I’ve seen as much affect as others but my skin isn’t as red, my favourite product has got to be the redness cream and the morning and night moisturisers as they leave my skin soft and not as red.
I would love to continue using this product

Better than expected!

When I first was gifted the product I looked at it and didn’t think too much of it, I’ve been given other brands which have worked and haven’t.
However, upon using the product each morning and evening (using the morning and evening one in regard to the time) I began to notice that my skin was looking more clean. The smell of the products is also nothing bad or unpleasant like other products have been.
Overall, I think it’s worth the money spent and that it works as promised!

Great way to try

I came across this brand on Instagram, was a bit sceptical, but thought for £16.99 it's worth a try! Ordered the kit it arrived within two days, and have been using it for a week now! Love the cleanser and the spot cream, don't mind the smell either, best of all my skin feels great. Definitely worth a punt.

An Excellent Kit

I came across Bare Addiction through Social Media -- I've had bad acne for a while and since using the starter kit my skin has begun to clear up, improve and I can see visible results. The cleanser and moisturizers are a really nice consistency, not sticky like other brands.

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