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Skincare formulated for Sensitive skin

Our Bare Addiction range has been specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Our products are all dermatologically approved to be suitable for sensitive skin. With soothing ingredients and moisture control this range is perfect for tween, teen and twenty-somethings skin.

Daily Foaming Gel Cleanser
Deeply cleanses to unclog pores while reducing excess oil and the appearance of spots, redness and pores.
Anti-blemish Boost Serum
Reduces the appearance of redness, spots and pores, while supporting healthier skin for a shine-free glow.
Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF30
Hydrating spot protection that reduces excess oil and controls shine, while protecting your skin against harmful UV rays.
Nightly Refresh Moisturiser
Overnight spot and oil defence that soothes and hydrates skin while improving overall complexion.
Rapid Action Spot Cream
Moisturises and soothes to reduce the appearance of redness, spots and pores without drying the skin.

Combo Me

Bare Necessity Kit
Your perfect starter kit with all the essentials to get our skin under control and start your journey to healthy skin.
Clear by day & night kit
All the necessities for daily & nightly defence against spots, oily and sensitive skin.
Clear & Bright Kit
All you need to help protect your skin against sensitive, red & problem-prone skin.


Bare Addiction Silicone Cleansing Scrubber
A must have skincare routine accessory which gently cleans and exfoliates.
Bare Addiction Headband
Securely keep your hair in place during your skincare routine.
Bare Addiction Small Travel Bag
Your perfect traveling companion to hold all your skin essentials.
Bare Addiction Large Travel Bag
The perfect accessory to organise your skincare and cosmetics.

While sensitive skin can appear on any part of the body, it typically occurs on the face. The term refers to skin which is more likely to be affected by inflammation and/or adverse reactions. It can also typically be a symptom of an underlying health condition. These health conditions are usually nothing serious and generally not a cause for concern.

Common causes of sensitive skin

There are quite a few causes of sensitive skin, with the most common ones being:

  • A skin disorder or allergic reaction like rosacea, eczema or allergic contact dermatitis.
  • Excessive exposure to certain environmental factors such as sunrays, wind, or excessively hot/cold weather.
  • Hormonal changes due to menstrual cycle, puberty, pregnancy, etc. can affect the skin’s ability to resist irritants in the environment or the products you use, making it sensitive.
  • Type 1 hypersensitivity allergies can lead to skin sensitivity, as allergens like pollen can easily penetrate the skin. Find out more at British Society for Immunology.
  • Existing facial conditions like dehydrated and dry skin, acne or eczema can make the skin more sensitive to irritants.

The signs and symptoms of sensitive skin

Even though many experts say that a harsh reaction to certain kinds of skincare products, like stinging, redness, burning, itchiness or tightness, are symptoms of sensitive skin – here’s how dermatologists define the main symptoms/causes:

  • Extremely dry skin which does not have the ability to protect the skin’s nerve endings results in sensitive reactions.
  • Skin has a high likelihood towards skin flushing and blushing.
  • The skin reacts with bumps, erosion of the skin layer leading to skin craters/indents and pustules.
  • Redness, rashes, flaking, scaling, swelling and roughness on the face or anywhere else on the skin.
  • Sensations of burning and itching, as well as prickling and tightness.

While the above symptoms can appear on any part of the face, they can also be observed on other parts of the skin.

How to deal with sensitive skin

Here are a few ways through which you can manage sensitive skin:

  • Use skincare products and consume a diet which are both rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A, C and E.
  • Wear a minimum SPF30 sunscreen even during cloudy weather conditions and avoid sun exposure between 11am and 3pm.
  • Steer clear of skincare products that include irritants like strong perfumes, overly oily moisturizer or harsh cleansers.
  • Always use a gentle and soap-free cleanser which doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

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