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When is Your Child Ready for a Skincare Routine?

Skin happens to be the largest organ in the human body and works as a barrier to protect our bodies from the environment. Therefore, taking good care of your skin not only feels great but also improves your overall sense of wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence.

Children and tweens ages between 7 and 12 are at just the right age to understand the concept of what a good regular skincare routine looks like. Even something as simple as cleansing and moisturising once a day and applying a sunscreen when stepping out can instill great skin-caring habits in them for a lifetime.

When your kids are really young, it’s the best time to get them on a regular skincare routine but many parents are puzzled about the best age to start their kids on a good skincare regime.

When should kids start a regular regime?

Perhaps the signs are already there. One way or another, we’ve done a fair amount of research on this and discovered that a lot of teenagers who are dealing with skin problems today often don’t pay heed to the signs early enough.

For instance, most acne, pimples and blackheads are easily avoidable if they are identified at an early age. Your child’s skin might look flawless at a really young age, but to keep it that way, you must (must) get them to form good skincare habits as that will not only help them develop a lifetime of good skincare habits, but also help them maintain great skin well beyond their teenage years.

In addition a quick everyday skincare regimen is something every kid can easily get accustomed to from any early age:

  • Gentle cleanser in the morning
  • A daytime SPF moisturiser
  • Night cream

When you instill this skincare regimen in your kid early on, it will help keep their skin soft, get rid of debris and either delay or mitigate the formation of blackheads and spots, which are inevitable at some stage.

The first signs to look for

After extensively researching the subject on our own and speaking to several leading dermatologists as well, we’ve learnt that children typically experience pre-teen changes in their skin between the ages of 7 and 12. In fact, some children in this age bracket develop really severe skin issues.

Blackheads around the T-Zone

With that said, some parents have reported skin changes in their children as early as 5 years old. It typically begins with a few blackheads around the T-zone and then a pimple, or dry patches here and there.

Skin congestion, or more commonly, blackheads can be seen when hair follicles on your child’s face get choked with sebum (the natural oils produced by the skin). They look either flat or appear as slightly raised bumps. So if you’ve noticed blackheads around the T-Zone, then it’s time to spring into action and get your child started on a good skincare regime.

Just to give you an example, here’s what a good skincare regimen looks like:

The quick routine (morning and night) – Quick and easy for fast results

  • Cleanse
  • Spot cream for emergencies
  • Moisturise

  1. Day moisturiser
  2. Night moisturiser

The ultimate regimen (morning and night) – Extra care for best results

  • Cleanse / Exfoliate
  • Serum / Sheet mask
  • Spot cream
  • Moisturise

  1. Day moisturiser
  2. Night moisturiser

Red or flaky skin after working out

If you notice any areas on your child’s skin that turn red or flaky right after sweating, then it’s safe to say their skin is irritated due to blocked pores. These can lead to rashes at some point which might look like acne.

Ensure that your kid showers right after sweating and changes into fresh clothes. Use the above recommendations to cleanse and moisturise twice a day.

Mild acne

It’s not uncommon for young children to have mild acne. In fact, toddlers as young as 2 years old often experience acne due to unusual changes in hormones or blocked pores which are typically caused by spilled food, transferred makeup from someone kissing or hugging them, sunscreen, certain moisturisers, eczema creams and sweating.

If you notice any acne or acne-like symptoms on your child, it’s best to contact a dermatologist and nip it in the bud rather than resorting to treatment later on.

About the Bare Addiction Line

At Bare Addiction, we have specially formulated skincare products which are ideal for all skin types and age groups. We don’t add any “nasties” or fillers in our products like some brands do to increase the volume. Every formula in our line-up gently works to cleanse the skin, hydrate and moisturise it, so that its natural oil levels are balanced and restored.

This is absolutely essential for combating acne or acne-like symptoms, and helps your child develop great skincare habits from an early age.

Our products are also free from parabens, harsh chemicals, and other chemicals which are often used for adding fragrances and increasing a product’s shelf life. We believe that skincare products should always be mild and contain natural ingredients where possible like salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerine, Niacinamide, tee tree oil, and many more to help keep your child’s or teenager’s skin spot-free, healthy, smooth and balanced.

Get your kids started on a healthy skincare routine today and enjoy the dividends for a lifetime. Bare Addiction is perfect for tweens, teens and 18+ adults alike.

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